Drue Van Horn


Drue Van Horn

AI Engineer, IBM

Drue Van Horn stands at the forefront of cutting-edge AI innovation as an accomplished AI Engineer with a proven track record of transforming data into tangible business value. With a focus on analyzing information, communicating outcomes, and collaborating seamlessly with both technical and non-technical teams, he brings a wealth of expertise to the AI landscape.


In his current role as an AI Engineer at IBM, Drue has been instrumental in the co-creation of Proofs of Value (PoV) and Minimal Viable Products, showcasing the business value of AI solutions. He contributes to developing and deploying AI systems across diverse industries using the IBM watsonx platform. Covering all stages of the AI solution lifecycle, from Data Engineering to Training, Validation, Tuning, Deployment, AI Operations, and AI Governance, he crafts trusted end-to-end AI solutions.

Prior to his current role at IBM, Drue garnered valuable experience as a Data Scientist, demonstrating keen business acumen and leveraging various data sources, analytical/statistical approaches, AI tools, and programming languages to derive meaningful insights. He has successfully applied his expertise across diverse domains, including retail, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and manufacturing.

Drue’s journey in the AI field is underpinned by a strong educational foundation, including a Master of Science in Data Science from Merrimack College and a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from The Ohio State University.

Drue has an innate understanding of the rapidly growing frenzy around generative AI, showcasing its transformative potential for large, enterprise-level clients and his dynamic approach to AI solutions positions him as a key player in the exciting realm of generative AI, where he continues to drive transformative change and shape the future of AI applications across industries.

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“Generative AI Frenzy – Harnessing AI in Enterprises.” This talk covers developing, leveraging, and governing AI solutions, with specific focus on IBM’s implementations and best practices in AI.

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