If you attend one print and graphics trade show this year, make it Americas Print Show. There are so many reasons to assemble a team and make the trip to this three-day national event.

For executives:

  1. Attendance at APS22 is free if you register in advance. There is absolutely no cost for you and your team to attend the premier print and graphics conference in the Americas.
  2. After two years of online networking, this is your organization’s chance to create and build valuable relationships in person. 
  3. APS22 is like Black Friday for commercial printers! See the latest technology and products. Learn everything you can to make valuable equipment purchases and push your company forward.
  4. Professional development is a key employee retention strategy. Bringing a team to APS22 will bond the team to each other and to the company. Your team will value the investment you’ve made in them.
  5. There is power in partnerships. Face-to-face connections can translate to preferred pricing and bid consideration, information sharing, overflow referrals, and brand awareness.
  6. Save your company money by comparing vendors and suppliers, discovering more efficient technologies, and creating relationships with contractors that can add value without adding overhead.

For employees:

  1. When you request attending APS22 you are demonstrating that you want to expand your knowledge base and skills, thereby increasing your value to your employer.
  2. Investing time in your professional development will always pay off, whether by your current manager or your enhanced resume.
  3. Industry relationships are important in every job. They are key to new opportunities, solving creative and production challenges, and building your own supportive community.
  4. APS22 has a high value proposition. Attendance is FREE to all who pre-register and its Columbus, Ohio location makes it more affordable and geographically convenient than most other shows.
  5. Attending APS22 will be a shot-in-the-arm! Energizing and confidence building!

Here are some simple steps to take to request your attendance at APS22: 

  1. Ask your manager if he/she would consider a request to attend APS22 and offer to provide a value/cost justification. Be sure to mention that it is FREE when you register in advance.
  2. When writing your value/cost justification, be specific. Include all necessary expenses, and how you will keep costs low and the value high.
  3. Include the specific ways you will bring value back to your organization. Not just the many features of APS, but the benefits of sending you specifically.
  4. Offer to write a report, give a presentation, or create a training for other team members. Leverage 10x the conference value by transferring crucial knowledge to others.
  5. Live streaming or tweeting from the conference floor from your company’s social media handle will bring fresh eyes and like-minded prospects to your brand.

About Columbus, Ohio's Capital City

The founders of Americas Print Show carefully chose The Greater Columbus Convention Center for the expo’s national debut. 

Columbus is international U.S. destination city that offers a tremendous value proposition – affordability, central U.S. location, and high-quality venue and city amenities.

Columbus is an inexpensive yet international U.S. destination city. Convenient shopping, dining, and cultural hotspots radiate from the convention center’s hub, including eclectic North Market, lively Arena District, trend-setting Short North Arts District, and the celebrated Scioto Mile of downtown riverfront greenspace. Hotels are within easy walking distance, and your entertainment and amenities budgets go a long way toward a great time in Columbus.