A Time to Gather

“The time to gather and experience a combined cultural joy has never been more pressing.”

Mark Potter, President & CEO of Conduit, Inc.

It’s time to gather. Even though COVID variants are still present, the good news is that their physical impact on individuals seems to be shrinking. So, this could be the time for us to reacquaint ourselves with one another. The fact is that we have lost a level of creativity in our lives because we are handcuffed to digital vehicles. We find ourselves multitasking and pumping out emails at a dizzying rate. We are not finding those private, reflective moments that are the cornerstones to creativity. In addition, we have been missing out on the energy that comes from other people. 

We are living in a divided and cocooned environment that has not played well with our psyches. The remedy, however, may be getting back to what I like to call our humanness. Re-engaging our senses, spending time turning the pages of a book, and listening to others are both cathartic and enriching. We are born to interact—not through a digital device but live and in person. So, the time to gather and experience a combined cultural joy has never been more pressing. 

Yes, the pandemic has formed the world and it put a lot of events on hold. Many of them being postponed, downsized, or relegated to the ever-present Zoom craze. Despite a great level of eagerness to come back in 2021 and demonstrate that it was possible to showcase safely, there was still a lot of trepidation with regards to getting together. Odds are that we will always have some viral fears, but the world was rigged in a way to embrace risk and, for sure, humans were built to congregate. Getting back to normalcy is not rooted in the practices of yesteryear but in seeing each other once again.

After a couple of years in isolation while being inundated with digital entertainment, there is clearly a need for us humans to get together in physical gatherings. And while some continue to sing the praises of the new alternative ways of communication, I know that a sincere get together like Americas Print Show 22 makes a difference on many levels. Simply put, there is a symbolic value in the opportunity to experience something together as a community.

Americas Print Show 22 offers a platform by condensing our exposure to all the amazing players within our industry. In turn, people who come to events like APS 22 will feel the warmth that is the cornerstone to our community. Their efforts to revitalize human connection will be anchored by the values of sincerity and empathy. You see, the lessons learned from the past is not just that gathering matters but that the gathering must be about the people and not money. 

This event is important for our industry, but it is much more symbolic. Shared memory events have always inspired and educated us. APS 22, however, has the chance to be transversal in nature, by appealing to stakeholders across generations, geographic location, and a variety of print-based solutions. 

The time is ripe to reconnect with who we are as individuals and an industry. No matter what, physical experiences matter and the industry that we live, and breath makes a difference to the wellbeing of our businesses. Together, APS 22 is going to be much more than an industry event. It will be a healing platform for us all.

See you there!

Mark Potter
President / CEO
Conduit Inc.

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