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Conduit Inc. Inspires Select Group with the PrintSmart Summit

At the dawn of the industrial age, many were apprehensive about their future. Coal miners, steelworkers, and farmers faced the reality of being replaced by machinery. As new gadgets emerged and production levels rose, so did anxiety. Change invariably impacts lives.

The children of steelworkers were encouraged to educate themselves, learning to operate the machines that had displaced their parents. Families and communities adapted, striving to control their destinies alongside these machines. Today, we face a similar situation.

The rise of AI has brought a fresh wave of stress, with its promise to eliminate millions of jobs while increasing efficiency. For any astute businessperson, understanding and harnessing AI is essential to provide deeper, more meaningful value. Staying ahead in business necessitates continuous learning and adaptation, especially true for the commercial printing industry at a critical juncture due to AI. This reality drives Conduit Inc’s sponsorship of the PrintSmart Summit on May 7, 2024, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Imperative of Ongoing Learning

Investing in ongoing learning isa survival strategy, not just a competitive edge. In today’s fast-paced technological world, yesterday’s methods may quickly become obsolete. Continuous education keeps businesses agile and prepared for new challenges and opportunities. The PrintSmart Summit embodies this spirit, uniting thought leaders and industry experts to exchange knowledge and insights.

Mark Potter, President of Conduit, Inc., reflects, “Defining progress is challenging. Building new platforms or writing code that does more of our work doesn’t necessarily enrich or connect us more. Yet, we can’t afford to on the sidelines and ignore these advancements.”

Why Live and In-Person Connections Matter

In a digital era, the importance of live, in-person interactions is paramount. They cultivate community, enable networking, and facilitate deep, meaningful idea exchanges. The PrintSmart Summit is a nexus for such interactions, helping attendees connect with peers and experts, share experiences, and forge lasting bonds.

Potter adds, “Gathering together builds strength. We need to explore ideas, share insights, and find solace in not being alone in our nervousness. We must tap into those who understand what confuses us and gain confidence by learning alongside others who feel just as vulnerable.”

Tackling the Fear of AI

AI can be intimidating, with concerns about job security, technological complexity, and industry shifts. The PrintSmart Summit seeks to demystify AI, presenting it as an opportunity for innovation and growth rather than a threat. Understanding AI allows businesses to transform apprehension into proactive action and fear into a driving force.

The summit features a roster of distinguished speakers, including Mike Kaput, Cal Al-Dhubaib, Charles Schiele, Drue Van Horn, and Dave Rosendahl. They will offer valuable insights into AI’s practical applications in the printing industry, from enhancing operational efficiency to revolutionizing sales and marketing strategies.

AI is poised to transform business operations. Predictive maintenance can minimize downtime, and AI-driven quality checks can ensure unparalleled product quality. The summit will offer a chance to understand these advancements and where companies should research and invest on the operations side of the business.

In turn, AI’s impact extends to sales and marketing. The summit will explore leveraging AI for personalized marketing, predictive sales analytics, and improved customer engagement, essential tools for thriving in the digital age.

Conduit has invested in the PrintSmart Summit, because it offers a competitive advantage. As Potter concludes, “The PrintSmart Summit is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for change and innovation in the printing industry. We believe it’s our responsibility to help our community achieve their best. Our efforts are rooted in supporting the goals of those we serve. This event is an opportunity to unite and offer a competitive edge by deepening understanding of AI, helping stay ahead of competition and better serve their most important stakeholders. It’s the year’s unmissable event.”

A Who’s Who

Summit Lineup of Speakers is Special

The PrintSmart Summit, set for May 7, 2024, in Cleveland, Ohio, is a pivotal event for the commercial printing industry, addressing the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This summit is dedicated to demystifying AI, showcasing its potential to revolutionize operations, sales, and marketing strategies in printing. Featuring an impressive roster of speakers, including Mike Kaput, Cal Al-Dhuabib, Charles Schiele, Drue Van Horn, and Dave Rosendahl, the summit promises to make AI accessible and relevant to industry professionals. It’s not just an event but a catalyst for embracing change, fostering innovation, and preparing for an AI-empowered future in commercial printing.

Mike Kaput is a speaker for the PrintSmart Summit to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 7, 2024.

CCO, Marketing AI Institute

Mike is a globally recognized marketing AI expert, author, and speaker. As Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI, he’s helped some of the world’s top companies build competitive advantages with AI. Mike is the co-author of “Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing and the Future of Business” and the co-host of The Marketing AI Show.

Charles Schiele is a speaker for the PrintSmart Summit to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 7, 2024.

Cloud Engineer, Google

Charles is an IT professional with 28 years of technology and entrepreneurial experience. He is a Cloud Engineer at Google and has held senior technology roles at companies like Dell EMC, SimpliVity, and Rubrik.

Drue Van Horn is a speaker for the PrintSmart Summit to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 7, 2024.

AI Engineer, IBM

In his current role as an AI Engineer at IBM, Drue has been instrumental in the co-creation of Proofs of Value (POV) and Minimal Viable Products, showcasing the business value of AI solutions. He contributes to the developing and deploying of AI systems across diverse industries using the IBM watsonx platform.

Cal Al-Dhubaib is a speaker for the PrintSmart Summit to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 7, 2024.

CEO, Pandata

Cal Al-Dhubaib is the founder of Pandata, a data science consulting company. The company’s mission is to help organizations use advanced technology to solve business problems.

David Rosendahl is a speaker for the PrintSmart Summit to be held in Cleveland, Ohio, on May 7, 2024.

President, Mindfire

David is the president and co-founder of MindFire, serving BMW, Microsoft, Harvard, Facebook, and 15,000+ companies. Under David’s guidance, the company powers an innovative platform that combines direct mail, email, social, and other channels to create more leads and sales.

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