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“An investment in new ideas and different trains of thought will reap remarkable rewards. Anyone who takes the opportunity to connect with others and be curious will rise to great heights.”

It seems like we have been Googling our way through life for a long time. If you consider the education system, the concepts that are taught have not changed for decades. Certainly, the vehicles of communication have increased, but the level of learning has taken a nosedive. Exacerbated by the wear and tear of the last two years, our kids are not expanding their knowledge of the world.

Even prior to the pandemic, we were still relying on the internet for all of our answers. When many of us “seasoned” people grew up we learned in a very different way. There was interaction with other students and conversation with teachers. In addition, we went outside to learn the hard knocks of life. We fell off our bikes but got right back on. And those experiences, outside observations and interaction with others led to true learning. 

Today, we have devices attached to us like it’s a part of our bodies. If we don’t know the answer to something, we simply ask Siri. We are finding our way in this world by looking down and yet seem completely lost without our phones. We have become so dependent on digital that we’re starving our minds.

We may think that we have all the answers at our fingertips, but we’re not tapping into free thought. And more importantly, we’re not tapping into good debate. We’re not sharing ideas or exploring other points of views. In turn, all of this is putting us on the path of a very antiseptic mindset. Our ideas are set in stone, and we are depriving ourselves of real learning. 

Ongoing education has always been a part of good business. If you’re an attorney or physician, you are required to invest in ongoing education. Other professions engage in continuing learning to keep certifications or licenses up to date. And while the printing industry has forced us all to learn new equipment and technology, we have not made ongoing education a part of our routine. 

Successful branding, sales and strategy all require a commitment to continuous learning. An investment in new ideas and different trains of thought will reap remarkable rewards. Anyone who takes the opportunity to connect with others and be curious will rise to great heights.

Continuous learning is very different from continuing education. If you must pass a certain test just to keep your certification fresh, that’s easy. We can Google our way through those types of endeavors, but continuous learning is a mindset. It is a purpose-driven mentality that the best of the best need to own. 

It is no secret that we need to invest in continuous learning. It is magical when we connect with others and get their points of view. Heck, it is downright human and that is what America’s Print Show is all about. The intimacy and sincerity with which they are creating this show Is important. As I have stated before, gathering is important. It is, however, equally as critical for us to continue to learn.

Attending APS22 is a great way to jump start a new continuous learning routine in our lives. And after it is over, my hope is that you head home, put the device down and engage your senses and keep the learning mindset burning bright.

I’ll see you there!
Mark Potter
Conduit, Inc.

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