Back to the Future of Print

Embracing Differentiation and Intimacy

“In an era overwhelmed by digital noise, print stands out by cutting through the
clutter and establishing a tangible connection.”

The printing industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly with the emergence of digital channels. However, industry insiders are now observing a shift that is bringing the craftsmanship and beauty of print back into focus. The team at Americas Print Show has explored insights provided by their unique barometer—the customer base extending across America—to shed light on the future of the printing industry. Understanding the importance of specialty work, the resurgence of print’s value in a noisy digital world, and the significance of intimacy in fostering relationships are all key elements for creating value and achieving success.

After surveying our extensive attendee list, it became evident that specialty work and ancillary items are experiencing a boom. Customers are now seeking differentiated products that stand out, leading to attractive profit margins. Embracing embellished products appears to be the way forward for the printing industry, offering exciting prospects for growth and innovation.

While the digital age brought about the commoditization of print, there is a growing recognition of its unique value. Print has the power to break through the eight-second attention span prevalent in the digital landscape. It differentiates messages, encourages deeper engagement, nurtures relationships, and stimulates creativity. In an era dominated by antiseptic digital experiences, print allows us to reconnect with our humanity.

Print engages our sense of touch, making it an invaluable medium for marketers. In an era overwhelmed by digital noise, print stands out by cutting through the clutter and establishing a tangible connection. By leveraging the haptic nature of print, printers can transcend the realm of commodities and instead create value that clients are willing to pay for.

Americas Print Show, with its intimate setting and relevance to individual attendees, provides a unique opportunity to foster relationships and engage with industry experts. Unlike overwhelming and disconnected trade shows, this event focuses on providing a platform for dialogue, showcasing cutting-edge equipment, thought-provoking speakers, and personalized attention to individual businesses.

In an age of mass marketing and digital saturation, intimacy has become an asset. The power of deep connections and personal relationships cannot be overstated. America’s Print Show acknowledges this need, aiming to cut through the clutter and connect on a human level. Conversations and the exchange of ideas become invaluable tools for creating value and driving business growth.

The printing industry is experiencing a revival as it embraces differentiation and a return to craftsmanship. Specialty work and embellished products are gaining traction, offering attractive profit margins. Print’s ability to break through digital clutter and engage the sense of touch gives it renewed importance in the marketing landscape. America’s Print Show provides an intimate platform for fostering relationships, gaining insights into emerging trends, and discovering new ideas. As the industry evolves, the printing sector must continue to emphasize intimacy, connection, and the creation of value as it looks back to the future.

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