A Snapshot of Americas Print Show, APS

Americas Print Show, APS was created as a partnership with industry associations and influencers. It did not disappoint with over twenty industry trade associations presenting their services and speakers including Deborah Corn, Bill Farquharson, and Kelly Mallozzi participating in the activities and talking on the industry’s hottest topics! More than 300 people attended the GMA and DPS receptions, and it was standing room only for the Girls Who Print luncheon held on Thursday.

Thanks to all who attended, exhibited, volunteered, and participated. We look forward to our next event with expanded partners moving forward to an even bright future. Stay tuned for more info…

Event Photos

Browse through the photos below to catch a glimpse of the show. Incredible speakers, meaningful connections, and terrific exhibits made this show a much-needed event in the print space. 

What People are Saying...

Attendees and exhibitors alike both found great opportunities at the inaugural Americas Print Show, APS. While attendance was less than pre-registration expectations, attendees were purposeful, engaging, and buying. One thing many exhibitors and attendees left with were meaningful connections. Many attendees remarked on the individual attention they received from exhibitors and it showed!

Press Coverage

Exhibitor and Attendee Testimonials

I was excited to attend Americas Print Show 2022. I originally planned to stay only until Thursday morning, but when I arrived on Wednesday, I immediately realized that I needed to extend my stay until Friday. The reason? Well, one day was not enough time to soak in all the expert knowledge and see all the latest industry technology and offerings! I'm going through a major recapitalization of my company right now and this show saved me a ton of time in terms of knowledge needed to make purchase decisions. Knowledge is power and I felt very optimistic about the future of the industry as a result. I'll definitely be attending next year. Well done Americas Print Show 2022.

APS22 was a great opportunity for us to personally see many different types of equipment and see them in action. You could get a nice visual of the size, space needs, etc. that you just don't see during a conference call or watching a video. Also, you have all the experts to answer your questions or concerns and it makes your buying decision much easier. Our purchase of the Bluecrest MPS Inserter through Add-Jet Technologies was partially a result of this show.

Before leaving Thursday evening, I talked with 5 different vendors. A press company, a company that sells a machine that prints envelopes, an industry group, a copier company, and an investment firm. Knowing that if these companies had a successful show then the "me's" at the end of the show would also have a successful show because we would have bought crap we were looking for. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The only negative feedback from these vendors was the industry group guy. But in my opinion, that is to be expected, no one goes to these shows "looking" to join a buying group. Every other company said that it was well worth the investment they made to come to the show. I, myself, was not overly excited about coming to the show, but ended up buying a press while I was up there (spent half a million bucks!!!). Overall, I feel like it was a good show for both the vendors and the attendees.

YES we endorse the Americas Print Show, especially since I just countersigned a RMGT920ST-4+LED sales contract that we picked up at the show. The gentleman walked in at 4:45 on Thursday, and we presented a machine we had in stock. He is sending us the deposit tomorrow, and he should be printing full blast by Halloween. We also closed several other finishing machines during the show so we will be back next year, and we are so glad we came to Americas Print Show.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for putting together the Americas Print Show. We had some great conversations with current customers who didn't know how much Millcraft had to offer with Wide Format and DTG. We met and talked with attendees who didn't know Millcraft. They are in our current footprint and are interested in media and equipment. We sold one Mimaki printer at the show, and we have several other quotes to send out, both for Wide Format and DTG. Even though the amount of those who attended may not have been as high as you had wanted, I feel the quality of those who attended and we met and talked with, for Millcraft was great. We feel there is some real potential for working with new and current customers in our Wide Format and DTG segments. So, once again, thank you for everything you do for the industry. I feel I can speak for everyone at Millcraft in saying how much we appreciate everything you and your team have done.

Coming into APS22 we didn't know what to expect. We predicted having quality interactions and leaving witth leads within Ohio and neighboring states, but we were plesantly surprised at the show's reach. Our team was able to meet and connect with prospects from Minnesota, Illinois, Florida, Maine, New York, and Wisconsin, just to name a few.

APAN's national print content and GMA's reception offered us the space to meet other industry leaders who we knew by name but not on a personal level. We are excited about the interactions we had at these events and believe they will lead to new opportunities and long-term partnerships.

Americas Print Show is well positioned to grow into an impactful regional event that serves the needs of attendees by bringing a diverse and passionate group of exhibitors and educators directly to the heartland of the industry. The curated sessions and show floor reflected the expanding needs of print shops and industry support for the mission of the America's Printing Assocation Network (APAN) manifested in every aisle and meeting room as optimistic enthusiasm for the future of print, and the future of this event.

I wanted to take a moment to send you an email to thank you for a great show. We were able to make some great new connections at the show with both shop owners and with vendors. Was able to meet a lot of new folks and look forward to having some long-term relationships with them. It was nice to have the time to talk one-on-one with folks and not feel rushed to get to the next person. We have already seen benefits from this show and look forward to next year!