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We are all searching for a level of freedom in our lives and our businesses right now. I have talked to a variety of print and marketing service providers over the past few months and the vibe is the same–they are doing so much more with so much less. The supply chain and employment issues are strapping all of you, but you continue to work at a fever pitch.

The idea of taking a breath is the furthest thing from your minds as you relentlessly serve your clients. And as you drink from the firehose, I cannot help but think that you not only need a break, but you need some stimulation that comes from connecting with others, having real conversations, and getting some time to think strategically.

I believe that there is a sense of freedom that comes from building deep relationships. That is why we need to not only endeavor to communicate more, but also to communicate better. If you consider your relationships, you will find that you are either “in communication” with them or trying to avoid them. Clearly, the most robust of your connections are the ones in which you want to be.

The quality of our personal lives has always been directly correlated with the people in our lives. It follows that when we surround ourselves with the right kind of people, our lives become more meaningful. In business, the same logic can be applied. Our success will be a derivative of our ability to develop relationships with particular people.

It’s time to connect with people in a fun and meaningful way. In a world that is confusing at best right now, connecting with others and developing real relationships matters more than ever. That is why taking some time to get out to an event like Americas Print Show, APS, is more meaningful than ever. If you want to grow and transform your business, then you must find some time to get away from it and think. Americas Print Show, APS, is endeavoring to be a place where you can recharge and rethink.

I am excited to be a part of this event and will be sharing some thoughts and gathering insights for myself. I figure that for any of us to bring results to the table, we must be generous givers who are truly committed to service and growth, and not our own personal status. Fortunately, the print industry has a remarkable history of building meaningful relationships. So, I thought I would spend some time talking about why developing a content strategy will deepen your relationships.

Listen, stories matter. But you need to get out of the house to have any stories to tell. So, come to the show, let go of things fora couple of days and stimulate your mind a bit. It is time to get out of working in the business and start thinking about working on the business. See you there!

Mark Potter



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