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Trade shows are a powerful B2B boost

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Exhibiting at a trade show in 2022 could be the smartest business move you make all year. But only if you choose the right expo for your company’s goals.

Trade shows are the second-largest source of B2B revenue in the U.S. and a powerful way to move your brand forward. Here’s how:

Trade shows increase brand awareness and build trust. 

When you exhibit at a reputable trade show, you are in the ring with the biggest names in your industry. Exhibitors are equally accessible to every attendee, and you’ll be associated positively with your peers. With a few simple initiatives in place, your brand can stand above the rest: 

  • Ensure that your booth is both professional and unforgettable. Display your brand impeccably and consistently.
  • Offer valuable information to those who come to your booth. Make sure every visitor walks away with actionable insights. 
  • Bring your A-level customer service team to work in the booth. Think outside the sales leadership, and look for engaging, curious people at every level of your organization.

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Trade shows offer sales opportunities in a highly targeted environment. 

Up to 20% of customers are acquired through trade shows. Your buyers are there. However, they might not know they’ve come to do business with you, so you’ll need to tell them.

  1. Don’t focus on selling. Focus on learning about your booth visitors and resolving their pain points. Stay curious and interested. 
  2. If your service or product doesn’t address their problem, refer them to a partner or peer that can. Give generously. Prospects never forget a business that does. 
  3. If you can solve a visitor’s problem, clearly show them how and what the benefit will be when you do. Come prepared with data that shows how valuable your service or product is. Have testimonials on hand, delivering real ROI for past customers. 
  4. Ask your happy customers if they’ll respond to texts, emails, or connection requests from prospects during the show. You’ll never sell your product or service as well as your fans will.
  5. Pro-tip! Ensure your point-of-sale is in order BEFORE your first trade show sale. Nothing is worse than tech issues delaying your close.

Trade shows harness the power of hands-on learning. 

Over 90% of trade show attendees say they are searching for new products. You get to demonstrate new products and services for your potential buyers at a trade show. Be sure your demonstrations are in perfect order and the value of your services is spelled out. Put your most engaged employee at the front of the booth. You need to hook every buyer who walks up and give them a memory to talk away with.

Trade shows are a great opportunity to offer special prices and clear out inventory. 

Remember, attendees at a trade show are your targeted prospects. They are in your industry, and there’s a good chance they need your products and services. Reward them for making the trip by offering deals, products, and benefits exclusive to attendees. By some estimates, a whopping 82% of trade show attendees have the power to buy. If possible, send them home with something valuable (or ship it!) the same day you meet.


Americas Print Show is thrilled to be hosted at the award-winning Greater Columbus Convention Center. Browse available booths, check out the exhibitor list and commit to being a vendor at Americas Print Show. Once you have chosen your space and are ready to reserve your location, click on the floor plan and use the registration link to complete your request. 

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