These four trade show tips will swing sales your way

Your exhibit at Americas Print Show may be the first time you gather with your industry peers in over two years. 

As a print industry leader, your exhibit booth should be an example for your peers, prospects, and passersby at APS22. Your brand needs to stand out on the crowded convention center floor.

You’ll need a strategy to differentiate your business from your friends and competitors here. Follow these guidelines, and your company’s set-up will swing sales in your direction.

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Plan ahead to bring current branded materials.

To save time and money, it is common for companies to “mix and match” their event materials. For example, representatives might hand out freshly printed business cards while standing behind last year’s table drape, wearing buttons from a few seasons ago. Don’t do this! Unless your older materials are absolutely evergreen and consistently branded, you’ll need to refresh it all.

The print industry knows better than most—B2B companies are still wrestling with supply chain slowdowns and higher prices. Because elevating your brand above the rest will be crucial in 2022, you need to plan ahead and be deliberate with your strategy. 

  • Update ALL the materials that will be on display in your booth: clothing, signage, giveaways, table covers, decorations. Everything.
  • With events, time is critical. Employ a coordinated effort on print, textile, and promotional products well ahead of APS22. Make them evergreen enough to use for several seasons. 

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Don’t ditch the script—until you know it!

At the same time…all the branded t-shirts in Columbus won’t sell your product or service. But your most prepared people will. As we said in January’s post, bring your A-level customer service team to work in the booth –  think outside the sales leadership, and look for engaging, curious people at every level of your organization. Practice talking points, features and benefits, and questions to ask prospective customers. Script out what questions people might have and the best possible answers. 

This kind of preparation can feel like trying on a silly hat, but it pays off. Practice these sure-to-convert onsite sales techniques!

Tech first, tech often.

If you have a product demo, a web-based sign-up page—or even a simple point-of-sale system—at your booth, check them all periodically to ensure they are still operational. While the Greater Columbus Convention Center offers unsurpassed data and internet service, any technology that relies on WiFi is vulnerable to errors. 

Check your demo ahead of arrival, after set up, and on a schedule throughout the expo. Be sure the tech is error-free and supplies like paper and ink aren’t running low. Don’t wait to troubleshoot technical difficulties during your demonstration, making a sale, or collecting crucial contact info. 

Emphasize quality promotional products.

The event and convention resurgence is overlapping with a pressing sustainability movement. Be a leader in our industry by offering giveaways that last and truly useful freebies such as notebooks, styluses, and grocery bags. Emphasize your brand identity and messaging. Check out these unique and sustainable products for inspiration. 


Americas Print Show 22 is a national expo focused on building connections in the print industry through the Americas. We are thrilled to be hosted at the award-winning Greater Columbus Convention Center. Browse available booths, check out the exhibitor list, and commit to being a vendor at Americas Print Show 22. Once you have chosen your space and are ready to reserve your location, click on the floor plan and use the registration link to complete your request. 

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